Give structure to your site.

Feature stories, blog posts, even tutorials can quickly become unwieldy, but organizing your content shouldn't be intimidating. Meet contents.js, a solution for keeping content tidy.

Simple and smart

The plugin pulls the text from all <h2> and places them in a neat and table of contents off to the side. No frills. Instead, keep your website clean and simple, just like you intended.

Getting started

Let's get this plugin up-and-running!

Step 1: Remember to include contents.css in your header as well as contents.js and the latest version of jQuery near the bottom of your HTML document or else the plugin will not work.

Step 2: Pick your custom options such as table colour, progress bar colour and font size, amongst others and then you're done.


You can help make this plugin even better by forking the code, adding new features, submitting a pull request and sharing it on Twitter. Email me at